KiV Outside 2020

Enjoy sculptures framed by a unique setting!

Besides the well-known indoors exposition KIV Inside, which will be held in March 2020, the exhibition KIV Outside will be held simultaneously.

KIV Outside is a surprising sculpture exhibition starting from Saturday, March 7th until the next edition of KIV 2021 located in the magnificent estate of Château St. Gerlach.

KIV Inside has made a name for itself amongst art lovers, due to the fact that the KIV foundation has organized this Art Event in March for 13 consecutive years in the treasury of Gerlach. An expansion of the collaboration with Camille Oostwegel Château Hotels & Restaurants resulted a few years ago in organizing a sculpture exhibition in the gardens and parks of Château St. Gerlach. KIV Outside enjoys a free entrance, unlike KIV Inside. Spread over the estate, visitors can discover sculptures made from various materials like wood, stone, plastic, Corten steel, stainless steel, terra cotta, amongst others. They are made by various artists originating from the Netherlands and  artist from abroad.

Outside KIV 2020 is organized by the promoters of KIV: Giardino Gallery & Sculpture Garden and Marx and Marx Limburg art in collaboration with Château St. Gerlach.

Art Suppliers:

Marx and Marx Limburg art

Marx and Marx Limburg art specializes in art related to Limburg of the past one-hundred years. Including the exhibition of statues made by Paul Beckers, Harry Schroen, Geert Verstappen, Petra Verhees, Cor de Ree, Raph Janssen, Loe Horbach, Dawaa Molom and Jo Ramakers.

Giardino Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Giardino Gallery & Sculpture Garden features an extensive collection of statues of international artists. Enjoy the works of artists like Jos van Vreeswijk, Judith Wiersema, David Gerstein, Jack Iwaarden de Vreede, Karin van de Walle, Volker Kiehn, Lolke van der Bij / Marianne Henstra, Frans van Straaten, Niki Severins, Robert A. Westerhuis and last but not least Saskia Pfaeltzer.

Location (s):

The Château St. Gerlach estate by itself is worth a visit. The imposing monumental buildings surrounded by parkland and gardens is a unique environment where the sculptures fully come to bare. If you want to enjoy even more art, you can do so at the participating Art houses during the weekends Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Marx and Marx opening between 1pm - 5pm and 11am -5pm at Giardino Gallery & Sculpture Garden). They have a special exhibition on display.


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