KiV Inside 2020

The art of enjoying at Valkenburg a / d Geul!

On Saturday, March 7th, 2020 KIV Inside is opening its doors at the 13th edition. This unique and small-scale art exhibition takes place until Sunday, March 22, 2020, daily from 10 am to 17 am in the beautiful rooms of the cloister of Ch√Ęteau St. Gerlach and the treasury of the St. Gerlach church.

KIV Inside and Outside

KIV Inside and Outside has now become famous among art-lovers and in 2020 we hope to receive thousands of visitors. They come to admire exclusive and high-quality sculptures and paintings by renowned artists from The Netherlands and abroad. Works of famous artist like Jos van Vreeswijk, Patrick Creyghton Saskia Pfaeltzer, Roger Braun, Arno Rutten, Isabelle Scheltjens, Charles Eyck, David Gerstein, Sjef Hutschemakers, Nic Jonk and Joseph Cals (whose works were previously presented at TEFAF) are shown on KIV inside. Besides in March, the whole province of Zuid-Limburg, is devotes to Art. That attracts many Art lovers from home and abroad to our region and thus to KIV Inside-Outside 2020!

Marx and Marx Limburg art

Marx and Marx Limburg art specializes in art related to Limburg from the past one hundred years. They exhibit, amongst others, paintings and sculptures by Paul Beckers, Harry Schroen, Charles Eyck, Sjef Hutschemakers, Wil van der Laan, Marthe Hameleers Jo Ramakers, Frank Meijers, Paul Beckers and Rob Brouwers.

Gallery & sculpture garden Giardino

Gallery & sculpture garden Giardino has an extensive collection of sculptures and paintings by (inter) national artists. There are works by Josef Jan Michnia, Jos van Vreeswijk, David Gerstein, Jurgen Ebert, Sjaak Smetsers Saskia Pfaeltzer Judith Wiersema, Christiaan Lieverse, Willi Siber, Astrid Huisman, Volker Kiehn, Frans van Straaten, Ronald A. Westerhuis and Karin van de Walle to be seen.

Guest Exhibitors

Also at KIV Inside and Outside, art works are shown of guest exhibitors which display their works. Oggetti Art Objects displays some of their unique artworks.


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